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All Unlocker v2


 All Unlocker Mods für ETS 2 Version 1.14.XX, 1.10. XX und 1.9.XX

This mod turns all upgrades (motors, lights, Bull catches etc.) free for all trucks. The minimum level of all parts is reduced to levels 0, one can for example buy a truck with great motor right at the beginning.

In version 2, the mod has been adapted to the ETS version 1.14. The new DAF and the new lift axles are available from Level 0.
In version 1.2, the mod was adjusted to 1.11.
In version 1.11 the price changes (attachments) were taken over the patch 1.10!
In version 1.1 has been improved the Kompitabililität with other mods. Version 1.001 and 1.1 work perfectly with ETS version 2 1.9.XX and 1.10.XX.

So always look first, which is the correct version for your game! It does not always represent the latest!

WARNING: This mod is not compatible with all other mods Kompitabel. First tries to remove the other mods before ye complain in the comments!


Credits: milcat