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DAF XF 50k


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: DAF XF

– 50keda
GIMP 2.8
Blender2SCS and Blender
Install 50k_DAF_XF_v1.scs , 50k_addons.scs mod folder
C: ( username) \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod.

If you like my SCANIA R 2008 then remove 50k_addons.scs from your mod folder .
Old addons are included in the new version , so SCANIA R 2008 should work normally.

If you are other tuning mods , the new tuning parts replaced then add these lines :
@ Include ” addon_hookups/50k-mudflaps.sii ”
@ Include ” addon_hookups/50k-accessory.sii ”
in the file:
“def / Vehicle / addon_hookup_storage.sii ”
and make sure that addon_hookup_storage.sii is loaded after my 50k_addons.scs mod.
If you no other tuning mods with custom memory file
Addons will be automatically activated because already 50k_addons.scs
includes addon_hookup_storage file.
Wheels Pack can be used on promo screen, can be downloaded here:

Painted mask on cab and chassis not in , as it should,
Game because not allow addons have not painted (except sideskrits ) .
In 1.9.x versions painted grill works as it should !
It has been tested on and 1.9.22 version of the game .

Download ETS2 Mod: