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ETS2 map details

The team at SCS Software is still very busy improving the game for a zero-day patch. Our volunteer testing corps are finding so many opportunities for improvements and fixes that each day since going “Gold” we have addressed a dozen or so issues; some of them bug fixes, some of them wish-list items. So when you unpack the game from the box or download it from the Internet on October 19th, make sure to update the game. The game that is shipping is not broken in any way, but the update will make it even more robust and add some extra polish.

Many images and movies were already published from the game, either by us or by people who were included in the beta program, and it’s hard to show you anything from a novel angle that would make it newsworthy for a blog post. So for today we thought we would show you a few special sights from the game – several landmarks which are dotting the game world and making places in the world recognizable to those who know them.

Quite an effort was poured into our collection of art pieces and unique landmarks; it’s always a tough balancing act when developing an open world game: how much to focus on the scale of the world, how much to invest onto details, should we instead spend more time on the vehicles, etc etc. We don’t have design teams with 100-200 people headcount like the major game productions (Grand Theft Auto series games come to mind as an example of greatly executed games with incredible amount of content). The core art & design team on ETS2 was about 8 people for most of the production time of the game, and they had to share the load of building the map, populating it with objects, building all vehicles, and to come up with decent looking set of UI screens on top of it. Lots of work! (And lots of time as it turned out). Hopefully you’ll find it worth it. 😉