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Month: April 2014

MAN TGX Tuning

ets2 man tgx tuning

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: MAN TGX Tuning v1


– Wash face forward
– Elongated front apron
– Suspension lowered
– Short and long lights added
– Top Spoiler added
Some skins are not good for the modified front.
Version game: 1.9.22,

Credits:SCS Software, ETS2MOD

Download ETS2 Mod:

Download from TUSFILES without .exe

Hello. First of all I want to say that we have stopped uploading mods to tusfiles.net due to the complaints we had from our users. Even after this, some mods remained uploaded on that host.

If you want to download correctly and without any .exe files from tusfiles, follow these steps:

Uncheck the box where it says ‘Use our download manager’

stp1 stp2


The next step is pressing ‘Direct download link’


Now the mod will be automatically be downloaded without any .exe files. Thank you, I hope this was helpful!!

Daf XF Euro 6


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Daf XF Euro 6 

One of the best and latest trucks on the market! This ETS 2 mod is
tested and will work perfectly with game versions: 1.7.x. And here’s
dome features.
Three types of cabins.
Three types of chassis.
Various colors.
Many accessories.
Fully finished interior.
Height of the modified cabin
Taillights added
Headlamps corrected
Windshield wipers work on the outside view
Added enrollment

Patch: 1.8+ – 1.9+

Serega2012, MMA, Gerg, ETS2MOD

Download ETS2 Mod:

Standalone Krone Profiliner Pack

standalone-profiliner-pack standalone-profiliner-pack (1) standalone-profiliner-pack (2)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Standalone Krone Profiliner Pack

here is a pack of six standalone trailers, which are to be found with its own charge at several companies.
If you want to upload the mod somewhere else, please read the “read me”.
Have fun with it.

Download ETS2 Mod:

Improved Weather 2.6


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Improved Weather 2.6

Credits: Black Open
Version: 1.8.2 , , ,
– Improves sunrise and sunset adds . 5 Options .
Gamma – configured for vcey weather.
Four kinds – night , full moon , new moon , clear and cloudy .
– Three types of rain . strong ( default) , Medium, and covered
– Eight kinds of good weather during the day . Clear, cloudy, dark clouds
. Small – Day Bloom effect
– In the morning on fog.
– Improved headlights.
Test and support : hrebet1
1.Dobavlenno different types of dawn and dusk , they are now five .
2.Dobavlenno different kinds of good weather , now there are eight .
3.Pri Lead clouds adding light haze.
4.Podobranna haze for clear weather.
5 .. Peredelan predrassvet poslezakatie and smooth transition
. 6.Peredelan morning mist
. 7.Ispravlenna total colors
. 8.Peredelanno sun
9.Peredelan headlight comes away lighter.
So 10.Peredelanny

Additional Information:
Recommend to SweetFX c settings :
LumaSharpen settings
. default

In game_data.sii changed values ​​:
minimal_lifetime : 4
maximal_lifetime : 40
. Drops on the glass will not immediately disappear , looks pretty realistic
If you have another card, the card can not be displayed , in this case it is better to reign
Values ​​manually. Game_data.sii file can be unpacked from the archive map modifications.
Flare (headlights )
almost transparent by far become brighter near -rays. Night very clearly visible from a distance
Authors : Black Open
Game Version : 1.8.2 , , ,


Download ETS2 Mod:

DAF XF 50k


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: DAF XF

– 50keda
GIMP 2.8
Blender2SCS and Blender
Install 50k_DAF_XF_v1.scs , 50k_addons.scs mod folder
C: ( username) \ Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod.

If you like my SCANIA R 2008 then remove 50k_addons.scs from your mod folder .
Old addons are included in the new version , so SCANIA R 2008 should work normally.

If you are other tuning mods , the new tuning parts replaced then add these lines :
@ Include ” addon_hookups/50k-mudflaps.sii ”
@ Include ” addon_hookups/50k-accessory.sii ”
in the file:
“def / Vehicle / addon_hookup_storage.sii ”
and make sure that addon_hookup_storage.sii is loaded after my 50k_addons.scs mod.
If you no other tuning mods with custom memory file
Addons will be automatically activated because already 50k_addons.scs
includes addon_hookup_storage file.
Wheels Pack can be used on promo screen, can be downloaded here:

Painted mask on cab and chassis not in , as it should,
Game because not allow addons have not painted (except sideskrits ) .
In 1.9.x versions painted grill works as it should !
It has been tested on and 1.9.22 version of the game .

Download ETS2 Mod: