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Month: October 2016

ETS2 Trucks Pack v1.25 from ATS

ats-trucks-pack-v1-25 ats-trucks-pack

Mod from American Truck Simulator for ETS2 patch 1.25 (tested)

– All standalone (DAF dealer)
– Interior
– Sound
– Wheels
– Paints
– Fixed right mirror
– Tested in v1.25
– Enjoy this mod!

Credits: SCS, ZY Express, Vladimir1203


ETS2 Europe – Turkey Map v3.2.6 Editing Update Fix


Update We are out for our valued players.
V3.2.6 version 1.25.x to the version of was adapted.
Various bugs have been fixed.
Game_data.Map_Data file from the Shia.Shia left the file.
DLC original DLC and Scandinavia map now merged as a single package Going_east has become.
Zoom scale of the map was modified.
The longest distance Distance map of the image. Thus, nature and Beautiful views of the city.
1. With the next update to the top level view will be transferred.
2. Due to the view setting, you may experience sudden fps drops.
Game version: 1.25.x
Producer: Levent yılmaz — yılmazEFSANE
Skin Design: Semih Colak
Supporters: Ets2 players > Radio maximum > maximum tv > Samed Colak
RAR File Download. scs Files in My Documents > Euro truck simulator 2 > Mod > throw it into the folder.
Aktiflestireli From Our Game And Mod Manager Tab.




ETS2 Mods: The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24


ETS 2 Off-road map of Russia.
This map is designed for people who have a strong nervous system. for those who love simulators, rather than arcade.
For version ETS2 1.24.x
In this archive:
С.Р.Байкал.r3 LOCK_sevliftservis- card key.
С.Р.Байкал r3 MAP- Map
С.Р.Байкал r3 HARD- trailers
С.Р.Байкал r3 AWD- four-wheel drive trucks for default
С.Р.Байкал r3 sound- sounds of map.
Download all three parts in one folder.
Extract the first part “Baikal 3.7 z.001” of the archiver 7zip.
Other parts do not need to unpack – they fall automatically with the first part.

Credits: goba6372




ETS2 Niedersachsenmap V alle DLC


This is a beta (1.2).
From this version, the roads built realistically with the scale 1: 2.
Without all maperweiterungen (east / north), the Map is not running.
Many new models, prefabs and more diverse terrain.

Credits: musicmann9696


ETS2 MHAPro map 1.25


ETS2 – MHAPro EU 1.25 (Compatible with 1.25.x None-steam and Steam and higher):

1. harmonized MHAPro map number with SCS update’s !! (no matter on past numbers)
2. fixed all problems with trailers textures in new update
3. fixed compatibility MHAPro MOD with new SCS Public update 1.25.x
4. fixed some small problems, mistakes and bugs
5. fixed Toll gate near Chamount (F) on highway A5

Credits: Heavy Alex


ETS2 Volvo VNL 670 by Aradeth v1.5

volvo-vnl-670-by-aradeth-ets-2-v1-5 volvo-vnl-670-interior

* It’s compatible with ONLY ETS2 v1.25.
* You can find the truck in VOLVO Dealer (UK included).
* The truck is available for quick jobs(UK included) and it’s standalone.
* Cabin Accessories DLC supported.

*** This mod is completely error free on both MAC and Windows.
If you see crash or errors, it’s definitely not releated to this mod.

Changelog (Sept 9)

-New 1800 degree steering wheel animation.
-Added retarder and lift-axle indicators.
-Added wiper, light horn, retarder stick animations.
-The GPS screen and steering wheel are animated now. They’ll come up when you start the engine.
-Driving wheel is now a seperated accessory(ATS v1.4 feature), you can use new steering knobs.
Also it fully supports new steering wheel position adjustment feature.
-Added a new set of steering wheel with modern Volvo badge.
-Added gas pedal animation. It’ll move when you hit the gas.
-Added an animated interior light/beacon switch button.
-Added TV screen animations. They’ll work when you start the engine.
-Added trailer air supply stick animation.It’ll work when you attach/detach your trailer.
-Added gear animation.(R,N,D)
-Added new realistic dashboard computer. (Thanks to Piva)
-Added 21 new HD mudflaps.
-Added 2 new aerokit.
-Added more slots for interior accessories.(Use SiSL’s Mega Pack, for sure.)
-Added new ISX engine sounds(Thanks to Kriechbaum), old ISX sounds are still available as seperate engines.
-Added engine brake parameters to all engines. (kriechbaum)
-Added ATS 1.4 feature, dashboard is lit with electricity (ignition) on to improve visibility during day.
-Removed some loud truck noises(tire, wind etc.)
-Fixed interior view of sunshields.
-Fixed the issue that makes some lights and horns of vanilla trucks unvisible.
-Other texture, material, model, def reworks…
-Added front/back licence plate holders with/without light and custom texture.

Full Changelog:

You can download the skin template from here(It’s not mandatory):

*You don’t have to sell your old truck before update.

Authors: Aradeth, Kriechbaum, ohaha, Martinezio, Piva, RJL, Ventyres, ZilpZalp, Nordisch, cZak, Samson, Scania124L, loogie, kamaz, Snekko, TruckManiac, Malcom37, Peerke 145, vovangt4 ,AU44, None, Nado, Big Bob, AlexeyP, SCS


ETS2 Volvo F10 F12 1.24


With this mod adds to ETS2 the F10 / F12 Volvo (1977-1987). Thanks to all modders involved for the maintenance of these ancient animals living in the game!
The Volvo features:
> 2 cabins
> Many chassis options
> Realistic engines and transmissions
> 2 interior (one for each cabin)
> 4 covers (there is a template file within the RAR file can also make your own skin light box, you. You just need to modify and replace the custom.png custom.dds on the road “vehicle / truck / update / / / volvo_f10 textures tag / “)
> Metallic paint
> Some accessories.
> Own sound.
====== ============================================ ==
Updates mjtemdark:
> Added low and short chassis cab 4 × 2.
> 6 × 2, 6 × 4 chassis, 6x2_4, remodeled parts (crowns, drive shaft, fenders now work with each type of chassis, relocated parts).
> Interior with new dashboard, new animations, textures reworked and variant optimized for low and high cab.
> Separate accessories (tank, spoiler, overhead lights, exhaust) add tanks and exhaust pipes.
> Tires, rims, nuts, hubcaps, and the cover separated and compatible with those of the game, all compatible with 50keda package adds simple game wheels.
> Balanced engine.
> Fixed missing materials and textures incorrect.
> Fixed and / or added to the browser truck, quick jobs.
> Various arrangements.
= ================================================= = =

Con este mod agrega a ETS2 el F10 / F12 Volvo (1977-1987). Gracias a todos los modders que implica para el mantenimiento de estos antiguos animales vivos en el juego!
El Volvo cuenta con:
> 2 cabinas
> muchas opciones de chasis
> motores realistas y transmisiones
> 2 interiores (uno para cada cabina)
> 4 protectores (hay un archivo de plantillas dentro del archivo RAR también puede hacer su propia piel de la caja de luz, usted. sólo tiene que modificar el custom.png y reemplazar los custom.dds en la ruta “vehículo / del carro / actualizar / / / volvo_f10 texturas etiqueta /”)
> pintura metálica
> algunos accesorios.
> propio sonido.
====== ==============================================
Actualizaciones por mjtemdark:
> Añadido cabina baja y corta chasis 4 × 2.
> 6 × 2, 6 × 4 chasis, 6x2_4, remodelado algunas partes (coronas, árbol de transmisión, guardabarros ahora trabajan con cada tipo de chasis, partes reubicadas).
> Interior con el nuevo tablero de instrumentos , nuevas animaciones, texturas vuelto a trabajar y la variante optimizados para baja y alta de la cabina.
> accesorios separados (tanque, spoiler, luces de arriba, del tubo de escape), añaden tanques y tubos de escape.
> neumáticos, llantas, tuercas, tapacubos, y la cubierta separaron y compatibles con los de la partida, todos compatibles con 50keda paquete, añade ruedas de juego simple.
> motores equilibrado.
> materiales que faltan fijos y texturas incorrectas.
> fija y / o añadido al navegador camión, trabajos rápidos.
> Varios arreglos.
= ================================================== =

Credits: Stas556, Freddy Jimmink, Chris, Gandorin (modelo, pieles)
Simos Papadopoulos (sonido tubo abierto)
mjtemdark (mejoras y correcciones)