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Month: February 2017

DAF XT Rework

BUY IN DAF dealer
– Made Standalone
– added template
– new ao baking
– added flag dlc support
– added custom parts
If there is any problem/ recommendation please contact me at: https://www.fb.com/Azorax-Modding-338343173164582/

Credits: Azorax Modding, İsa Koyuncu, the SCS, 50 keda, by_Lexa, Nikita Belkin


Signs on your Truck [1.0.7]

Version 1.0.7:
* Added ADR sign “80-1805 Phosphoric Acid Solution”
* Added National flag Russia
* Added National flag Austria
* Added National flag Hungary
* Added National flag Poland
* Added National flag Bulgaria
* Added country symbol “Ex East Germany (DDR)”
* Added National flag Ex East Germany
* Added National flag France
* Added National flag Germany
* Added National flag Greece
* Correction sii file
* Correction text file

Installation of signs on trucks. The mode is represented by over 250 signs marking trucks.

Signs: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / E / E (yellow) / EEV / G / H / H (yellow) / IV / L / S / U / III / V / VI / R (yellow) / TIR / No TIR / T.I.R. / No T.I.R. And many others. These signs are located at the front of the truck cabin.
E = (Environment) or white letter “U” (Umwelt), denoting vehicle with a Euro-1 engine.

EEV = Enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (emission category between V and VI) is a term used in the European emission standards for the definition of a “clean vehicle” > 3.5 tonne in the category M2 and M3. The standard lies between the levels of Euro V and Euro VI.

G = denoting Gerauscharm Fahrzeug (ie noiseless/quiet vehicle): German version of the Austrian “L” plate for use only on diesel vehicles meeting German low-noise requirements – similar to those for Austria as above.

L = denoting Larmarm Fahrzeug (ie low noise vehicle): Austrian version of the symbol for quiet diesel vehicle which are:
– small and medium-sized lorries of no more than 150KW producing noise levels no greater than 78dB.
– heavy lorries exceeding 150KW with noise levels no greater than 80dB.

S = (Sicher/safe) denoting a vehicle with a Euro-2 engine and safety features.

3 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-3 engine and safety features.

4 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-4 engine and safety features.

5 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-5 engine and safety features.

6 = denoting a vehicle with a Euro-6 engine and safety features.

A = required in Germany on all vehicles carrying waste.

K* = required in Germany for vehicles making use of exceptions to the Motor Tax Law.

R (yellow) = The truck has route approval, for ex. heavy transport. (used in Austria).

H (yellow) = The truck has higher gross vehicle weight, for ex. heavy transport. (used in Austria).

E (yellow) = The truck has restricted gross vehicle weight. Tax benefits for it. (used in Austria).

III – VI = European emission standards III-VI for HGVs (> 3.5 tonne).

ADR signs: ADR / 22-1951 Argon Refrigerated Liquid / 22-1977 Liquid Nitrogen / 22-2187 Carbon Dioxide Refrigerated Liquid / 23-1965 Liquefied Petroleum Gas LPG / 23-1971 Methane Compressed or Natural Gas Compresed With High Methane Content / 30-1202 Diesel / 30-1223 Kerosene / 30-1267 Crude Oil / 30-1300 Turpentine Substitute / 30-1863 Fuel Aviation Turbine Engine / 30-1999 Tars Liquid Including Road Oils And Cutback Bitumens / 33-1090 Acetone / 33-1203 Gasoline / 33-1219 Isopropanol (Isopropyl Alcohol) / 44-2448 Sulphur Molten / 80-1824 Sodium Hydroxide Solution / 80-1830 Sulphuric Acid / 80-2796 Sulphuric Acid (with Not More Than 51% Acid) / 86-2809 Mercury / 225-1073 Oxygen Refrigerated Liquid / 225-2201 Nitrous Oxide / 90-3082 Environmentally Hazardous Substance Liquid / Dangerous For The Environment / Flammable Materials / Flammable Materials 2 / Flammable Materials 3 / Flammable Solid Miscellaneous Goods Hazard Class 9 Material / Radioactive 1 / Radioactive 2 / Radioactive 3 / 30-1866 Resin Solution Flammable / 33-1866 Resin Solution Flammable / 30-1307 Xylenes / 33-1307 Xylenes / Infectious Material / Toxic Gases / Toxic Material / Corrosive Material / 99-3257 Elevated Temperature Liquid N.O.S. And many others. These signs are located at the front of the truck cabin.

For more information about ADR.

Speed limit signs: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120. The combination of red white and yellow red. These signs are located at the rear of the truck cabin.

Country symbols: Austria / Belarus / Belgium / Bosnia and Hherzegovina / Bulgaria / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Rrepublic / Denmark / Ex Yugoslavia / Estonia / France / Germany / Greece / Hungary / Island / Ireland / Italy / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Macedonia / Montenegro / Netherlands / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / Russia / Serbia / Slovenia / Spain / Switzerland / Turkey / United Kingdom. These symbols are located at the rear of the truck cabin.

Credits: Tobrago


Mini cargo pack for BDFs

Mini cargo pack for BDFs.
14 different types of loads.
Work fine on with Jazzycat cargo pack.
Tested with:
Mercedes Antos by D3S Design
Mercedes Sprinter 2010 v 1.1 by GRM Modding
Mercedes Actros MPIII by MTP
BDF Tandem Truck Pack v61.0 by Flemming V
Mercedes 1853 by Ekualizer.
Bugs found, and I could not solve:
1-can not unload without being on automatic, when you reach the destination, press “Enter”,
because, the load is not recognized for discharge, but…
2-when to turn back, don’t unload, because the load will go to strange directions
3-I do not know if you can specify the load for a type of chassis, in the quick jobs,
but charges also appear to common chassis trucks.
4-does not work on trucks with very high trailer hook, I tested in the Ford Cargo by Frank,
and it was not possible to unload

Credits: iconRJ
Models: SCS and Jazzycat
Base: Flamming V


Realistic traffic v3.7 by Rockeropasiempre 1.26

General Specifications of the mod:
– Behavior of AI traffic totally different.
– Complete information inside the downloaded rar. File INFO.txt and README.txt
– 2 Versions inside the rar file. One normal, and one that does not include sounds (NOT EXTRAS). Choose one of the 2.
Mod Manager: Always place on top of any AI traffic mod you have.
– AI Traffic pack jazzycat 4.5
– AI Traffic pack brasilian jazzycat v1.3.3
– AI Traffic pack russian jazzycat v1.7
– AI Painted truck traffic pack Jazzycat v3.1
– AI Painted bdf traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.6
– AI Bus Trafic pack Jazzycat v1.8.1
– AI Truck traffic pack jazzycat v2.4
– AI American_truck_traffic_pack_by_Jazzycat_v1.4
– Traffic Europolice v5 for ETS 1.25.x by CyrusTheVirus
– AI Big Bus V4 Solaris36.
– AI Europolice V4 Solaris36.
– AI Asphalt8_traffic_pack
– AI Vehicle TDU for 1.25.X.
– Marcopolo Paradiso G7 in AI Traffic
New in version 3.7
– Updated AI Painted bdf traffic pack by Jazzycat v1.6
* Removed the sounds of the phone.
– Updated ai traffic pack by Jazzycat v4.5
– Updated Painted truck traffic pack Jazzycat v3.1
– Updated Bus Trafic pack Jazzycat v1.8.1
File Size: 129.8 MB
Respect original download link.

Credits: Rockeropasiempre




– Find in Volvo Dealer
– 1 Cabin
– 6×4 and 6×6 Chassis
– Navigator
– On-board Computer
– Walking the camera in the cabin
– Sound
– Wheels
– Metallic Painted
– Small Tuning
– DLC Cabin Support Accessories
Tested ETS2 1.26 Game Version

Credits: iljujjkin, jekich1, SCS, Stas556, Fox071rus, kriechbaum, Smith, Fire-Blade, Mick Brown, Tracy N Nathan Anderson, Gerald Hardie


Trailer Pack Dumper 1.26

Trailer Pack Dumper V1.26
– Tested version 1.26.Xs
– Standalone
– Compatible with all pack trailer and DLC
* Respect the download link *
Credits: SCS, Fred_be and other