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– Cabin accessories

– Navigation opens with the letter ‘o’

– Car is independent

– Comes in Iveco gallery (ONLY AVAILABLE IN IvECO)

– It was made by simulating the internal part. (true inteiror
the drawing has not been made yet)

-Works well for version 1.27 , 1.28 and 1.30

vehicle malfunctions !
– the speed indicator is working but not equal to the speed in the game . When we release a new version, the car mistakes will be resolved.

Do Not Edıt !
Do Not Reupload !
Do Not Change Link !
(ADFLY, GOOGLE, LINK.TL) It is strictly forbidden to link over sites
forbidden to upload another link to another site !

– Mod producer: BurakTuna24
– AO covering : Berkay Pekesen

Credits: BurakTuna24 , BerkayPekesen