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Scania R999

Great looking and realistic Scania mod – Sarantos Scania R999. This mod was succesfuly tested in ETS2 version 1.16.2. Some things included in this mod besides the wonderful truck and tuning are new wheels and skin.


This was a picture with the truck in game and now this is the truck in real life.

sarantos real

I would say they look pretty much the same to me. A video review was done by me make sure you watch it:

You can download this mod here: http://goo.gl/AOKq45

Stay in touch, more mod reviews are coming!

URAL 4320

This is the latest version of the URAL 4320. Mod was tested in ETS 2 version 1.16.x. Truck can be found in Renault dealership.

Here are a few screenshots from the game with the truck:

ural 4320 000 ural 4320 001 ural 4320 111 ural 4320 122

Download links for URAL 4320 1.16 are available at the bottom of this post.

This is a video review where I also try doing some off-road in Euro Truck Simulator 2:

Download URAL 4320 at this link: http://goo.gl/0xdsI8

You can try using this mod with the following pack.

Russian Trailer Pack download here: http://goo.gl/7QqwPU

Scania R Tuning

Today I got for you more screenshots with the Scania GTM Sim R mod for ETS2 tested on version 1.16.2.

2015-03-10_00004 2015-03-10_000032015-03-10_00001

Also I got a new review for this mod.

To download this mod you can go here: http://goo.gl/AsZPMQ

Thanks for reading, I will try to bring you guys more reviews as soon as I can.

Scania GTM Sim R new version!

Today a new version of the Scania R by GT-Mike was released. My opinion is that it’s a really detailed truck but some updates would be awesome. It still has some little bugs. The truck is standalone, which means it does not replace any truck from the standard game. The ETS2 version I tested it on is patch 1.16.2.

Download links for Scania GTM Sim R are available at the bottom of this post.

Here are a few screenshots from the game with the truck:

2015-03-10_00002 edited

Here I also do a video review of the mod. I test all the accessories and the customization you can do to it and also drive it around. Take a look.

To download SCANIA GTM Sim R go to this link: http://goo.gl/AsZPMQ

You should also download an accessory pack to use it with the truck.

Download All in Tuning Pack v2 here: http://goo.gl/lOS4w2

Winter Mod

winter-mod--2 winter-mod--2 (1)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Winter Mod

Optimized Winter Mod for 1.14.x versions of the game
Optimized and bug Lags

Mod author:

Red Expert

How to install

Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.

Download Winter Mod for ETS2

[button-blue url=”https://ets2-mods.com/lnxo” target=”_new” position=”center”]Download[/button-blue]

mirror download

Quick Jobs For Scania T


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Quick Jobs For Scania T

Note from Author(by Pendragon):
This mod added quick jobs for Scania_T_Mod_v1.4_by_RJL.
Contains four type of chassis (4×2; 6×2/4; 6×4; 8×4*4), with four type of cabins (Normal Spoiler; Highline Spoiler; EXC Topline; Topline).

Thanks to Jazzycat for idea with his Tuned Truck Trafficmod

Game version: 1.11.1,1.12.1

Credits: Pendragon

Download ETS2 Mod: