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Category: Mercedes-Benz

Actros Real Emblem (Logo)

majestic-mercedes-benz-actros-real-emblem majestic-mercedes-benz-actros-real-emblem (1)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Actros Real Emblem (Logo)

Modification list:
– Replaced/Remade logo emblems of the radiator grill and steering wheel- The frame part of the three-pointed star changed the UV mapping from chrome to body color[CHANGE LOG] Apr 20, 2014 – The model has been rebuilt for the patch 1.9.22.[CHANGE LOG] Oct 19, 2013 – The interior models of Mercedes have been rebuilt for some mistake.[CHANGE LOG] Sep 24, 2013 – The interior models of Mercedes have been rebuilt for the patch 1.5.2.[CHANGE LOG] Aug 10, 2013 – The model has been rebuilt for the patch 1.4.8.[CHANGE LOG] Feb 11, 2013 – Deleted Iveco and Volvo, and rebuilt Mercedes for the patch 1.3.1.[CHANGE LOG] Jan 23, 2013 – Fixed brand logo textures for truck dealer map and quick job window.[CHANGE LOG] Jan 23, 2013 – Deleted collision files (*.pmc files) to avoid any troubles.[CHANGE LOG] Jan 23, 2013 – Deleted separate download files.Credit: SCS Software, pete379jp

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MB Actros MP3 Tuning v3


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: MB Actros MP3 Tuning v3

Modification adds Mercedes Actros MP3 versions of V6 and V8
highly developed ability to setup and tuning vehicles.
It has a 265 version kabinowo podwoziowych, 6 interior, lots of records,
Hundreds of points of attachment, and other accessories.
Credits: Moders team poland
Edit 1.9 +: SilvioR_1959

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4

Mercedes Benz Actros MP IV on the latest [ETS2] + Spelled out in a separate slot. + His salon. + Supported by the repainting of the body. + Three variants of the chassis. The use of 1 + chassis. other is not a big bug. Bamper.peredelannye plastic tanks. Finalization of the body. lights in the salon.

Credits:ED94, seckin01, DANZ, Ch_Vitalik .. Revised by: By_Axeet it – Vladislav Kalash. Was: curtains

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