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Category: Misc mods

Fast Level & More XP v1.22


ETS 2 Fast Level & More XP V1.22
Tested Version 1.22.x
Compatible with DLC
Compatible with all maps
* Respect the download link *
Author: Fred_be


Relistic Lighting v2

realistic-lighting-v2-0-improved-skyboxes-and-weather_2 realistic-lighting-v2-0-improved-skyboxes-and-weather_1

Improved skyboxes and weather for ETS2 1.14 game version

Do not mix with other environmental mods

Author: Atak_Snajpera

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Winter mod version 1.14

Winter mod version 1.14

 Winter mod version 1.14

Winter mod, details on video
Test for version 1.14
Authors: Versetti, SCS

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Winter mod (Icemann29)

Winter fashion

 Winter mod by Icemann29

Winter events include the following changes:
-Change Physics (truck accelerates, with drifts are not lost).
-Dozhd Replaced by snow.
-Kapli Windshield replaced by traces of wet snow.
-Removed Howling blizzard.
-problem With snow in the tunnel is not solved.
Game Version: 1.14
Authors: Icemann29, Versetti, SaxofoN

Download this mod for ETS2

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All Unlocker v2


 All Unlocker Mods für ETS 2 Version 1.14.XX, 1.10. XX und 1.9.XX

This mod turns all upgrades (motors, lights, Bull catches etc.) free for all trucks. The minimum level of all parts is reduced to levels 0, one can for example buy a truck with great motor right at the beginning.

In version 2, the mod has been adapted to the ETS version 1.14. The new DAF and the new lift axles are available from Level 0.
In version 1.2, the mod was adjusted to 1.11.
In version 1.11 the price changes (attachments) were taken over the patch 1.10!
In version 1.1 has been improved the Kompitabililität with other mods. Version 1.001 and 1.1 work perfectly with ETS version 2 1.9.XX and 1.10.XX.

So always look first, which is the correct version for your game! It does not always represent the latest!

WARNING: This mod is not compatible with all other mods Kompitabel. First tries to remove the other mods before ye complain in the comments!


Credits: milcat


Winter mod v6


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Winter mod v6

Introducing the new version of the popular winter fashion v6.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The mod changes the textures, physics and behavior of trucks on the road, as in the winter. In some V3 texture were altered, updated and added, including new textures tree with fewer leaves. The only disadvantage of this modification – it is rain instead of snow, but the interest in the game it can not hurt. After installation, we advise not to accelerate to a high speed, otherwise you can not cope with the management and fit into what some fencing. More snow on the windows; – New road texture; – New texture pavement; – Changed the texture of the trees; – A lot of new textures on the horizon; – Partly dirty vehicles and trailers; – Modified street lighting; – Winter tires or dirt particles; Change the physics of the truck with less inhibition, speed of trucks designed for speed 40 km/h due to road conditions. The mod can be installed and removed without the new game, so you can continue to play in its preservation on the new map, but we recommend to make a backup copy of your saved game

Mod author:Icemann29

How to install

Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.

Download Winter mod v6 Mod for ETS2

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