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Category: Trucks

Scania 164L 1.26

– Special brake sound and horn
– Combine We made a share with the trailer so that it’s congruent.
– Cabin accessory only
– Krone Trailer

Credits: BurakTuna24


Volvo FH 2013 v21.16s

Wheel Fix defintion
and update for ETS2 v1.27

•This is a standalone version.
• For the DLC skin mod to work, you must have the original DLC skin packs already installed and activated! The mod simply enables them, in your truck service.
•Do not re-upload. Always share using the provided link.
•Always put a link to this topic, for support, if you’re sharing on third party websites.
•This forum is the only place I provide support for this mod.
•A replacement version maintained by Pendragon, is available here.
• When updating from 19.**s to v20.**s, please follow these instructions.

Credits: ohaha, SCS Software


ETS2 Mods: Volvo FH 2013

Volvo Tractor Truck – Volvo FH 2013 [ohaha] offline
Mod adds:
– Logos with chandelier lighting (cabin A and B)
– Refurbished headlights with more reflective materials for projectors and black for FH16
– Front grilles – new polymer material for FH16
– Chassis 6x .. truck can now be without wings. In the store or at the service station you can add back wings and side skirts.
– Tail lights (stops and dimensions) attached to the rear of the cockpit A.
– Side lights and turn signals on mirrors
– Added a passing light and a high beam to the projectors on the bottom of the front bumper.
– Side windows with deflectors
– Additional slots for labels in the front
– New exhaust pipes
– Ability to install the rear bumper (different options)
– New cab variants (with installation of a spore)
– Front and rear mudguards
Goes like a self-propelled tractor with additional tuning (name in the saloon “Volvo (ohaha) FH Sleeper”) and in the big and small saloon
The test on the version: ETS2 1.26.х – 1.27.х

Credits: ohaha


ETS2 Mods: Scania R&S [1.26] v7

Hi guys
I bring you a new update of the illegal reworked, I have changed the name to the mod because it seemed the most appropriate due to the multiple things that I have added.
The ones that you are using the illegal reworked 5.0 and you are going to use this you will leave in the log several errors of which it does not find some components since I have changed the name to them and added other things.
Even so works perfect, if you do not want to get any error you just have to exchange at the dealer one for another
Compatible dlc accessories
Compatible dlc flags
Required dlc Griffin (if you do not have this dlc, you will simply get errors that accessory faults)

Credits: Carls1309, SCS, John Lee,RJL,AU44,50Keda,V8K,GTMike.


ETS2 1.26 Mod: VOLVO PEX M 380

Support DLC Cabin
Added additiomal slots
Fixed animation
Add sounds
Adapted for ETS2 1.26

Credits: SimR, Tvagoiz, Maitio, Naeba, Vgaza, Lapam, FodiSS, AMGS4, ADi21, IVasko