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DOLL VARIO 4Axis with Caterpillar M257

doll-vario-4axis-with-caterpillar-257m doll-vario-4axis-with-caterpillar-257m (1)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: DOLL VARIO 4Axis with Caterpillar M257

Wheels  by ???

Edit with new Cargo by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)

Caterpillar konvert by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)

Caterpillar Modell by azlyirnizam

Texture edit by Scania730Fahrer (Jan)

Trailer is Standalone with own cargo

Cargo : “Caterpillar 257 M”

weight: 45 tons

Credits:Roadhunter and Scania730Fahrer

Download ETS2 Mod: