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ETS 2 Mods: Lobar Kelsa for Scania R

lobar-kelsa-fur-scania-r-streamline lobar-kelsa-fur-scania-r-streamline (1)

ETS 2 Mods: Lobar Kelsa for Scania R

Lobar Kelsa for Scania R & Streamline Truck

Mod of Matdom1988

Software: Cinema4D, Blender 2.7
Author: skin-and 3D-

Game version:
Works with 1.9.22, versions

Unpack the. Scs archives in “My Documents \ Euro Truck Simulator 2 \ mod” folder.
Ingame: You need to activate the mods in your profile. “Press EDIT and select mods.”

Download ETS2 Mod: