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ETS 2 Money Cheat for all versions

Here is the best money cheat / hack for ETS 2 that works for all versions.

First you need to download and install Cheat Engine then follow these simple steps:

1. Open Cheat Engine

2. Open your game

3. Check and note the exact amount of money you have

4. In Cheat Engine select eurotruck2.exe from the processes list

5. Enter your exact money amount and press ‘First scan’

6. Select all the results by pressing the red arrow

7. Now you need to change the values to all your selections(right click-change record-value)

8. Enter the same amount of money you want to have to all your selections

9. Go back to ETS 2

10. Change something in your settings like screen resolution and go back to your profiles menu

Well done! Now you should have the amount of money you wanted.

If you have any problems check this video on how to deal with negative values in cheat engine v6.2 (Should work the same with other versions).

Download Cheat Engine by accessing this link.