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ETS2 MajooouMap v1.7 / Real-scale map of Czech Republic 1.30

MajooouMap v1.7 map Czech Republic 1.30

MajooouMap 1.7 for 1.30.x is a standalone REAL-SCALE MAP of Czech Republic.
DLC’s East, North and France are required!
Compatible with other DLC’s.
Changelog 1.7
• 2 new cities and new companies:
Chvalnov (2 companies)
Míkovice (2 companies)
• bonus: new company in city Napajedla
• all-map terrain texture rebuild
• a little optimalized FPS in city Uherske Hradiste
You can share this map but KEEP THE ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD LINK!
If you have any ideas how to improve the map, just let us know about it on our facebook page.

More infos on FB: https://www.facebook.com/majoooumap/
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Credits: Majooou_cz and others