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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: MHA PRO EU MAP V1.6

New in 1.6 version:
1. New company in my MOD – ConCargo
2. New city Dieppe (F)
– Company itcc
– Company sellplan
– Company tradeaux
– Company maxilla1
– Company concargo
3. New ferry connection Dieppe(F) – Newhaven (UK)
4. New city Newhaven (UK)
– Company maxilla1
– Company concargo
– Company fueltrans1
5. Redesigned road Reims(FR)- Luxembourg (L)
6. Redesigned road Reims(FR)- Epinal (F)
7. New company Maxilla1 in Epinal (F)
8. New company DRW Trasnportation LTD
9. New city Sandomierz (PL) + 2-3 new roads
– Company euroacres
– Company DRW Trans.LTD
– Company tree-et
– Company roadwork
10. New road from Michelau(L) to Belgian border
11. Dover – new caompany sawmill1
12. New truckstop south from Liverpool (own Mudatruckers.com vtc) which replace old gas station
13. Redesigned road Poznan (PL)- Szczecin (PL)
14. Redesigned road Szczecin (PL) – Gdansk (PL)
15. Redesigned road Gdansk (PL) – Grudziadz (PL)
16. Redesigned road Grudziadz (PL) – Warszawa (PL)
17. Redesigned road Warszawa (PL) – Bydgoszcz (PL)
18. Redesigned road Duisburg (D) – Düsseldorf (D)
19. Redesigned road Duisburg (D) – Brussel (B)
20. New city Roermond (NL)
– Company concargo
– Company Quarry
– Company roadwork
– Company fastrans
21. Redesigned (reduce because of game) Michelau (L)
22. Redesigned road Paris (F) – Calais (F)
23. All quarries have parking near Enter
24. Redesigned road Lille (F) – Brussel (B)
25. Redesigned roads arround Osnabrück (D)
26. Redesigned road Osnabrück (D) – Groningen (NL)
27. New company Quarry in Groningen (NL)
28. Completed new highway A2 (Nederland) from Roermond (NL) to south connected to cross near Köln (D)
29. Redesigned road from Dresden (D) – Leipzig (D)
30. New city Maastricht (NL)
– Company Europe
– Company Maxilla
– Company roadwork
31. New company Gradis (they produce just sand,cement,concrete and gravel)
– Carlisle (UK)
– Goleniow (D)
– Groningen (NL)
– Liverpool (UK)
– Maastricht (NL)
32. Redesigned road from Carlisle to Edinburgh (UK)
33. New company Gradis (quarry) in Carlisle (UK)

Compatible with 1.14.x versions

Mod author:


How to install

Unzip the .scs archives into your “My Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod” folder.

Download MHA PRO EU MAP V1.6 Mod for ETS2

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