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SCS Software at Nürburgring and ETS2 Release date

As you might know, SCS was present at the Truck GP this weekend with SimWelt.de and there they promoted their products and other stuff. They also shown beta version of ETS2 during the press events.

Also they mentioned that Euro Truck Simulator 2 is far from being done. Here is what they said on their blog:

However the speculation in the comments of the previous posts that the game is pretty much done are far from the truth. We are yet to properly start the beta testing, and our database of bugs already contains hundreds of issues to address, with more coming daily than we are able to fix. We are really trying to finish work on the game as soon as possible – and our publishing partners are pushing us as hard as they can, too. Please have patience with us – all we want to do is to give you a finished and polished game!

So the release date for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is NOT September 2012. We just have to patient and we’ll have a nice, polished game without bugs.


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