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Scania R Series

scania-r-series scania-r-series (1) scania-r-series (2) scania-r-series (3)

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Scania R Series

Modification list:
– Various parts have been swapped from Streamline- Added more cabin variations (default 3 + custom 29 = 32 kinds in total)- Prepared two types of normal version and lowdown version in all cabin variations- Added 3-axle chassis that can be mounted side skirts (includes exclusive parts)- UV map has been reworked for the front grille, quarter panels and door frames- Supports any skins (custom paint jobs)- Added “decals” accessory for Roof sign decal and Griffin decor stripes, also includes base files for your own decals- Please click here for a more detailed explanation (Written in poor English) *Update in Apr 20, 2014
[CHANGE LOG] Apr 20, 2014 – The models have been rebuilt for the patch 1.9.22. (Now supports UV channel 3.)[CHANGE LOG] Jan 21, 2014 – Re-created for adding more cabin and chassis variations.[CHANGE LOG] Dec 23, 2013 – Swapped various parts from Streamline.[CHANGE LOG] Nov 27, 2013 – Added new side skirts for 3 axle chassis, and improved the texture quality of the chrome bar.[CHANGE LOG] Nov 15, 2013 – Added bumper lights and license plate frames for colored grille series.[CHANGE LOG] Sep 28, 2013 – The interior settings have been added.[CHANGE LOG] Sep 22, 2013 – The cabin settings have been corrected for the patch 1.5.2.[CHANGE LOG] Aug 10, 2013 – The model has been rebuilt for the patch 1.4.8.[CHANGE LOG] Mar 09, 2013 – Some cabin names were changed.Credit: SCS Software, pete379jp

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