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Trailer Mod Pack


Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods: Trailer Mod Pack


This mod adds TOTALS along with loads of 75 new trailer and many new skins. Trailers are added separately (stand alone), no mod replaces the original trailer. rewind mode After the time playing in the game on a new semi-appeared.
Mod should work with other mods on the trailer, but not guarantee.
Mod tested on v1.8.2.5 and 1.9.XX

– I have overboard Kogel and Fees:

*) The empty trailer

*) Military Equipment

*) Concrete slabs

– Switch curbs on spools and pallets in the trailer crown

– Other minor corrections to models

Changes in v2.7

– I have added a new charge on the semi-trailer flatbed – Yacht

– Fixed a bug with the wheels on the trailer Narco

Includes Fixed a bug without a trailer Jumbo August festivals, the list of goods that –

– Delete now it is not required, and you can do it – For this version of the wheel fix

Changes in v2.6

– Fixed bug with the wrong wheels on an index V1.9.x

List of changes in v2.5

– All pendants are recorded separately (not changed)

– Changed the wheels Kogel MAXX and the attachment point half

– I have a Narco-Tractor (Nelles, convert and edit satan19990)

– I have Semitrailer Krone wood (to Adix, convert and edit satan19990)

– I added overboard crown of 3 costs

– I’ve added a funnel Fruehauf

– I have a cold Schmitz

– I have added a trailer for animals Pezzaioli

– I have a Jumbo Tractor (from Ventures, convert and edit satan19990)

– I’ve Schmitz container and container (20, 2×20, 40ft, model Kamil, texture and edit satan19990)

– I Mixer (scs)

– I have Tipper (scs)

– New skins for trailers Krone and Schmitz and other

List of changes in v2.0

Semi overweight:

– M1A2 Abrams Tank

– locomotive

– Combine crown

– Trucks MAN

– Tractors Case

Flatbed trailers:

– Tyres

– Agricultural Equipment

– Aircraft engines

– Lodz

– Pallets Brick

Converted trailers kind of “fuel tank”

Replace New trailer trailer “food cistern”

New trailer trailers exchange of a “chemical cistern”

New trailer Kogel MAXX replaced trailers Aero

Converted semi-trailer on the glass

Trailer converted into bars

converted container

Renamed the expense and weight.

Author: satan19990
v2.0, LPhoenix to stand alone converting
Crown & Schmitz trailer Nordish and Boramjaym65

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